Submission Guidelines

We are presently open to submissions from around the globe encompassing both fiction and non-fiction across a wide array of genres. These genres include – Thriller, Romance, Biography, Technology, Self-Help, Children, Poetry, Business, Academic, History, Lifestyle, Literature, Politics, Fantasy, Sports, Travel, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Philosophical subjects.

The work should be written in one of the following languages – English or Hindi

If you are interested in a genre or language that is not listed above, please contact us at

​How to Submit

Please upload the proposed manuscript by clicking on Submit your Manuscript button, so that our editorial team can review your work.

​Ensure to attach the Full Manuscript of the proposed work; along with a Synopsis of the Content in 500 words or less. Fill all the details in the form.

Manuscript formatting guidelines: Single-spaced, font size – 12point, Times New Roman font in (doc/docx.) format.

​Our editorial team will review your work and respond to you via email within 20 – 25 working days.

The Process

​Within that time, our team will check for language errors and plagiarism. In both cases, our team will review your work and will get in touch with you to make any changes.
Upon submission, your work will undergo evaluation by one of our editors. They will only choose it if it meets our quality standards.

Please note – We at Nyra Publishers, take plagiarism very seriously.
In case the work is found to be plagiarized by 20% or more, we will revert back sending the plagiarism reports, giving the author time to re-submit the manuscript. In any circumstances, the author fails to respond or re-submit the corrected work in the given time, the work will be rejected.

For anthologies or collections, you may compile all the work into a single document and send it across on the same Submit Your Manuscript form.

We don’t charge authors to get their books published with us. 

We DO NOT accept already published/self published books for submission/re-publications.

Post Acceptance Procedure :
If your work has been approved and accepted for publishing, one of our representatives will get in touch with you. We will send across the Final Draft Submission form along with the Author Contract.
a) All details have to be filled in the form and contract by the author.
b) Signature of the author on the contract is mandatory.
c) We advise you to go through the contract carefully.
d) The files and details that will be filled in the form, will be termed as Final. No changes will be accepted after that.

After receiving your Final manuscript and other details in the form, we will begin the process of creating and designing inner files and book cover.

These inner files and book cover will be sent once again to you (the author) to review. On confirmation from you to proceed, we will go to the next step, i.e. apply for the ISBN. Kindly note – once you give us the confirmation to go ahead, NO edits/changes are permitted.

After that, your book is in the ‘Publishing’ phase, where we will send it for printing to our Printing and Distribution team.
Nyra Publishers is not responsible for any delays at this stage.

Once the book is available in print/online, we will notify you. You are free to either purchase ‘Author copies’ at a subsidized rate from us or directly online (on MRP).
Nyra Publishers does not impose any obligation on authors to purchase a specific quantity of copies.

Marketing, Promotions, Sales and Distribution will be handled by Nyra Publishers and our affiliated partners.

For any queries or doubts, feel free to email us at
All inward and outward communications shall be conducted via email only. Calls will not be entertained.

​We advise you to go through the Terms and Conditions mentioned on the website before submitting your manuscript. Click on Terms and Conditions.



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